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Gerry's Chronicles

SRF is fortunate to be entrusted with a deep archive of Gerry's Surf Realization Stories for your reading enjoyment.   Check back every month for a new story and expand your horizons...

Ride, Ride, Ride the Wild Snow

There's No Place Like Mount Bachelor for Mountain Surfing

"Are you nuts? Why would you leave there to come live here?" You can't imagine how many times I've fielded that question. Moving from upcountry Maui to live in Bend, however, was never a question in our minds when we did it.

Why indeed? When I think in terms of family, there are myriad reasons?the changing of seasons, the genuinely friendly people, the quality of life, the great schools, the clean air, the wide open spaces, the forest, rivers and mountains... you name it.

Yes, the mountains are indeed special and when I revert back to selfish surfing habits, there is really one very good reason I could leave Maui behind with hardly a look back. There is a place during the winter season that can be as all-consuming as the best surf spot anywhere. My new, favorite surf spot goes by the name of Mount Bachelor. It is as complete a surfing experience as can be had outside of the ocean.

Falling on the edge of the High Desert, Bachelor's snow is reasonably dry, unlike the wet snow typical of the western coastal ranges. Crafted by the same winds that give Hood River and the Columbia Gorge their excellent windsurfing conditions, this snow often is sculpted into uniquely beautifully wind lips and snow waves as perfectly shaped as any wave in the ocean. Snowboard surfers with an eye and a yearning for these formations find Mt. Bachelor as attractive as any spot in the country.

Once the snow covers the jagged aa pu'u (cinder cone) that is Mt. Bachelor, the surf is up, baby?and how. Though not a large mountain, at 9,065 feet Bachelor is high enough to get plenty of snow. It averages 370 inches annually. With only slightly more than that, I got in over 100 powder days last year.

I turned into a powder snob. I never...


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